Spoilers - TNA iMPACT! Tapings (5/29)

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Spoilers - TNA iMPACT! Tapings (5/29)

Post by sean on Tue May 27, 2008 5:53 am

Full Credit: Richard Trionfo of PWInsider.com


Team 3D and Booker come to the ring and say that they, Tomko (who was in the back getting ready for his match), and Kurt Angle (who is in Hollywood) are considered the bad guys. He wonders if A.J. Styles is really the bad guy for what he did with Karen Angle. Booker complains about the conditions and how he has not been given what he was promised in TNA. Devon starts to talk about LAX and Hector and then LAX and Hector come out.

Hector says that Jim Cornette has given LAX a match against Team 3D at Slammiversary. Christian and Rhino come out and Christian tells Booker that he cannot live off what he did in the past. Cage says that he and Rhino will qualify for the King of the Mountain match tonight. Samoa Joe comes out and he goes into the crowd and tells Booker that he is not hard to find; and that he will be walking out of Slammiversary with the belt.

Joe, Christian, Rhino, and LAX go to the ring but Booker and 3D leave. A.J. appears from behind and hits Devon and Ray with a chair. A.J. attacks Ray before they get to the back.

Jeremy Borash is with Karen Angle and she is here as A.J.'s guest. Karen says that A.J. has something to tell her tonight.

Lauren is with Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, So Cal Val, and American Idol's Ace Young. Ace says that he is honored to be involved in the wedding. Sonjay mentions how Jay might have cold feet. Ace mentions that he has a surprise for the happy couple.

Lauren leaves them but she is pulled back into the interview area by Awesome Kong. Raiessha Saeed, who cut a promo about the open challenge.

Hermie Sadler joins the announcers for the next match.

Match Number One: Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal (with So Cal Val and Ace Young) defeat The Rock and Rave Infection with a rollup after Ace Young got involved.

After the match, Lethal told Sonjay to answer his question and be a man and be his best man. Sonjay accepts. The fans chant, " Please don't sing" at Ace.

Lauren is with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky in the back and they give Lauren the 'brown bag treatment'.

Match Number Two: Angelina Love (with Velvet Sky) defeats Roxxi Laveaux with a Flatliner after Velvet sprays hair spray in Roxxi's face.

After the match, Love and Sky give Roxxi the 'brown bag treatment'. Gail Kim (on crutches) and ODB come out. ODB takes one of the crutches and goes to the ring.

Jeremy Borash is in Jim Cornette's office and Cornette yells at Jeremy about last week's deal with Kong. After saying that he would not take the blame, Jeremy shows Cornette that it was the highest rated segment of the show. Jim tells Jeremy not to tell the bosses.

Booker and Team 3D enter the office and Booker complains about the conditions again. Booker says that he will use Cornette's office. Cornette goes to the ring and tells Team 3D and Booker they better be gone when he gets back.

Comette comes to the ring and he announces the matches for Slammiversary:

King of Mountain: Samoa Joe versus Robert Roode versus Booker T and two more challengers. (Tonight's Christian versus Tomko and Rhino versus James Storm bouts)

-A.J. Styles versus Kurt Angle
-Team 3D versus LAX
-The wedding of the year of this month
-Petey Williams versus Kaz

Cornette tells Booker and Team 3D to get out of his office.

Kevin Nash comes out and wonders if TNA security can take care of Booker and Team 3D. He offers his services and Cornette wants to know what is the catch. Nash wants to be the special enforcer for the King of the Mountain match. Cornette agrees to it.

Match Number Three: Awesome Kong defeats Leva Bates with the Awesome Bomb in the $25,000 challenge. The title was also on the line

Match Number Four: Rhino defeats James Storm with a GORE to advance to the King of the Mountain Match.

The match started in the back and they wrestled outside the ring before it 'officially' began.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Tomko in the backstage weight room. Tomko says that he has no remorse about what he did. He is sick of hearing about A.J. He vows to beat Christian tonight and wear his blood like he did to Styles last week.

Borash is in Cornette's office with Booker and Team 3D. Nash enters and asks them to leave. Devon asks what is going to happen since it is three of them and only Nash. Nash pulls out a baseball bat and they leave the office.

Match Number Five: Christian Cage defeats Tomko with the Unprettier to advance to the King of the Mountain Match.

King of the Mountain Match is now Samoa Joe versus Booker T versus Robert Roode versus Rhino versus Christian Cage with Kevin Nash as Special Enforcer.

Jeremy is in the back with A.J. and Karen and wants to know what the big announcement is. A.J. tells Jeremy that he will have to wait a few more minutes like everyone else.

Kurt Angle is walking in the back.

Karen Angle comes out to her entrance music and she comes to the ring. A.J. Styles comes out after Karen. . . at least his music plays but Styles does not come out.

They go to the back and Kurt is beating up A.J. Kurt walks into the Impact Zone and enters the ring.

Kurt says that he is not going to hurt A.J. but just bash his head in. Kurt tells Karen to leave and Karen slaps Kurt and then Kurt grabs Karen long enough to allow A.J. to come out. A.J. and Kurt fight for a bit until Team 3D, Booker, and Tomko come out and attack A.J. Christian comes out but they work over Christian and Booker hits a super kick on Christian. Ray hits Christian with the mic and then Booker hits the scissors kick.

Team 3D, Booker, Tomko, and Angle celebrate in the ring.

After the cameras stop rolling, Ray gives A.J. an elbow to the groin before leaving. Ray takes Don's water and teases spitting some water on Don but he walks away.

Before the final match of the night, they announced that there was a child named R.J. who is here tonight through Make A Wish Foundation and his wish was to come to an Impact Taping. R.J. came to the ring with Shark Boy.

Xplosion Match 2: Shark Boy and Curry Man defeat Robert Roode and Johnny Devine when Shark Boy pinned Devine after a Stunner.

Before the match, Johnny Devine gets on the mic and wonders why R.J. chose to come to the Impact Zone for his wish and then to come out with a couple of losers like Shark Boy and Curry Man.

After the match Curry Man danced with R.J. in the ring.
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