WWE superstars invade OVW

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WWE superstars invade OVW

Post by jason on Fri May 23, 2008 4:35 am

I realise OVW is no longer WWE developmental but anywat....

OVW TV Taping 5-21-08

Wow...just wow. What a night. I don't want to detract from the rest of the show tonight, as it was very good, but the main event dark match was about the damndest thing we've seen here at Davis Arena in a long time.

First off, after TV and intermission was over, out came Chris Cage. Cage is without question the #1 heel in OVW right now, and he proved why again as he came out griping, whining etc about his veteran status. That brought out Elijah Burke, who proceeded to rip Cage to shreds in the ring. Humiliated, Cage left the ring and out came Joey Matthews and Von Lilus.

Joey got in Elijah's face, but Elijah tore in to Joey, almost causing an altercation. However, Elijah then introduced JOHN MORRISON, who came out, and proceeded to tear the house down with Joey. This match probably went a good 20 minutes, and is the best match I've seen Morrison have since... I can't remember. Anyways, Morrison kicked the ref, knocking him out, which brought out another ref, who Joey gave a stiff looking forearm to after Morrison kicked out, which brought out Von Lilus to interfere with a chair.

THEN it gets interesting. As Lilus is getting ready to hit Morrison, out comes MELINA!!! She ballshots Lilus and Morrison hits his finish for the win. All the babyfaces come out and celebrate, as Morrison/Melina praise OVW.

Again, WOW!

Now the rest of the show:

Pre-TV Darks:
Josh Lowry d Gavin Garrison
Lowry is green, but has potential.

War Party d Johnny Punch/Sergio

Von Lilus d Dirty Money
OVW has an interesting phenomenon with some of their guys. Guys like Lilus, Joey and Jamin seem to split the crowd right down the middle. Lilus gets a mixed reaction (and has a brutal chop).

TV Taping
A video aired of the Mobile Homers drugging Twinkletoes' tea, then stripping him of his clothes. The Mobile Homers are pretty much the funniest thing every week on the show.

Rudy Switchblade d Scott Cardinal
Rudy wins with his sick-looking frogsplash. Good back and forth between these two.

Pat Buck/Rob Conway d Insurgency
This match was non-title, with a shot at the titles at the May 30 6 Flags show at stake. Buck and Conway seem to really be gelling as a team, and it seems like Buck is really turning it up.

OVW TV Title
Tubby Tommy d JD Michaels
JD dominated Tubby, but after Mobile Homerference, Tubby was able to hit his finish. After the match, Twinkletoes wandered out to ringside dressed in jeans and a flannel. Obviously the Mobile Homers had dressed him. Tubby then chased Twinkletoes to the back.

Joey Matthews d Josh Lowry
Joey killed him with the double-arm DDT. Lowry had some fight, but Joey was a monster.

Los Locos d James Thomas/Brett Wellington
...in like 1 minute.

Tank Toland d Lightfoot
It's good to see Tank back, as he's a good talent who the crowd really seems to like.

OVW Heavyweight Title
Nick Dinsmore d Apoc
Apoc had a good showing, but couldn't overcome the awesomeness of Dinsmore.

from PWInsider


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Re: WWE superstars invade OVW

Post by St-Pierre on Fri May 23, 2008 6:45 pm

What a show!

and Nick Dinsmore is the OVW Champ! thats awesome!

Man I wanna see a 20 minute WWE match Of Morrison!
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