TNA House Show Results From Wallingford, CT

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TNA House Show Results From Wallingford, CT

Post by sean on Mon May 19, 2008 8:55 am

Thanks to a fan of the site for sending these results from TNA's house show in Wallingford CT:

The place was 90% full and all in all, it was a good show. Since I was sitting near the wrestler's entrance, I saw Kurt Angle, Alex Shelly and Awesome Kong peeking through the curtains to watch the James Storm/Jackie vs. Rhino/Tracy match. Kurt Angle also watched the Joe vs Tomko match. The results were as follows:

Alex Shelly defeated Consequences Creed

Matt Morgan defeated Johnny Devine

Eric Young/Super Eric defeated Rellik

LAX defeated Team 3D to retain the Tag Team Championship belts

There was a 20 minute interval. On a side note, Bubba left the ring and headed backstage to leave DeVon to complete the last 5 minutes of the match. I'm not sure if that was planned. DeVon kept shouting out "Where is he?"

Kurt Angle then came out and gave a brief speech. I couldn't hear most of it as I was sitting on the stage and the sound kept bouncing around the theater. Jeremy Borash did mention the possibility of a PPV in Connecticut.

Awesome Kong defeated ODB to keep the Knockout Championship

Rhino & Tracy defeated James Storm and Jackie

Samoa Joe defeated Tomko to retain the TNA Championship

There was one fan in the crowd who heckled the wrestlers all evening. Not sure why he paid good money to be there just to give the wrestlers a hard time. After the main event finished, Joe was walking back when he faked a jump on this fan. Joe laughed in his face as did the other fans. The fan deserved it. I have video footage of it and have placed it on YouTube which you can check out at

After the main event JB announced that fans can have their picture taken with Kurt Angle in the ring for $20. Most of the arena lined up for that.

Consequnces Creed, Alex Shelley, Matt Morgan, LAX, Rhino, Tracy, ODB, and Eric Young came out to sign autographs and take photos with the fans. They were very grateful for the fans turning up and supporting TNA.
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