Mick Foley Reality Show, Keibler Still In Sitcom Talks? More

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Mick Foley Reality Show, Keibler Still In Sitcom Talks? More

Post by sean on Wed May 14, 2008 4:37 am

Source: Wrestling Observer

Mick Foley was in talks with cable channel A & E about doing a reality show based on his family. It was going to be a middle class version of Hogan Knows Best if you will. However, A & E executives turned the project down because the feeling was that there wasn't much conflict within the Foley household. Foley also had a developmental deal for a TV show with CBS, but nothing materialized there either.

Back in the fall, the ex-wife of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, Julie Hart, was shopping around a reality show called Hart Nation to potential suitors. The show was set to star Hart's ex-wife, as well as her four children. Via the official website, the description of the show reads: "Cameras follow the Hart Family as they deal with the legacy of being part of wrestling’s royal family." For those wondering about the show, we have heard absolutely nothing on it airing anywhere since then, so it was likely passed over.

ABC has confirmed the cancellation of the television drama series October Road. ABC had no room for it in the fall lineup and a rumored plan to move the show to the Lifetime channel never materialized. Stacy Keibler made an appearance on the show several weeks ago. This is the third straight ABC series to be canceled shortly after the former WWE Diva made an appearance on their program; the other two being George Lopez and What About Brian. Keibler is under contract to ABC and they supposedly have a sitcom in the works for her. Keibler told Parade.com back in March: "I have an ABC sitcom development deal��"which is perfect, because I have a silly personality and love to make people laugh."
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