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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, May 12th, 2008 (USA Network)
Location: The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI
Results by 411Mania.com

Raw starts now!

We get highlights of Triple H and Kennedy vs. ECW from last week, with Randy Orton hitting the RKO after the match.

We're live and the lights are out. Lights on and William Regal is in the ring. Lillian Garcia is there and sings "God Save The Queen!" Ha, I love it! Regal disapproves of the fans' disrespect. He's General Manager and King and could have them thrown out if he wants. He's not bluffing. He picks on a random couple and has them thrown out. Mickie James is here and says it's her brother and his girlfriend. "Regal sucks!" ��" Joe Lewis arena. Regal threatens to throw Mickie out too. She pleads her case and he threatens to strip her… of her championship.

John Cena is in the house! He sends Mickie to the back and gets a mic. He's back and is usually ready to raise some hell but he wants to talk to Regal man-to-man. He understands. He knows what it's like to give your soul to these people and have them tell you "you suck". Regal points out Vince endorsed him but Cena points out Vince is insane and has "a bunch of sexual fantasies you can't even find on the internet." Cena reads out complaints from fans. "This is WCW Thunder bad." "I'm going to start a chant in every arena in the country saying "Fire Regal clap clap clap, fire Regal clap clap clap."" Glorious.

Regal says he won't turn out the lights tonight. He knows Cena wants revenge on Randy Orton, so the main event is Orton vs. Cena. Regal says if anyone gets involved in the match (like JBL) they will be suspended. Regal hopes he's earned some respect.

Cena stops him leaving and says he's not done. Cena points out we're in the USA tonight. Cena says even God cannot save Regal if he keeps messing up. We're in the Motor City and you got realize where we're at. Cena has Lillian sing "Respect" by Aretha Franklyn.

Rody The Piper is here! He takes a seat at ringside.

World Tag Team Championship: Rhodes and Holly vs. Carlito and Santino

Holly and Marella start up. Knock down by Holly, followed up by the best dropkick in the business and a kick to the gut. He tries for an Alabama Slam but Carlito sneaks in and hit a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Carlito connects with loose right hands before tagging out. Shoulder thrusts by Santino. Holly comes back with a clothesline but Carlito tags in and gets taken out with a side suplex. Rhodes and Marella in and Cody hits a springboard reverse crossbody. Cody hits a snap powerslam for a near fall. A takedown gets 2 but Santino comes back. He goes up top but is distracted by Piper. Rhodes surprised Santino with a DDT and it's over.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly

Mr. Kennedy is here. He says he has a big mouth but no one can shut it for him because he's Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Snitsky

Wow, this could be bad. Kennedy tries a kick to the thigh but when that doesn't work, they lock up, go to the corner and break. Kennedy comes off the top but gets caught and beat down in the corner. Scoop slam by Snitsky connects, as does an elbow drop for 1. Snitsky locks in a bear hug, which Kennedy fights out off, only to run into another one. He breaks it again and runs into a shoulder tackle. Snitsky misses a leg drop and Kennedy dodges a clothesline to take out the knee. Dropkick to the knee by Kennedy, followed up by the facewash in the corner. Chop block now by Kennedy gets a long 2 count. Snitsky pulls Kennedy into a clothesline. He tries for the pumphandle slam, Kennedy slides out of it, kicks the knee and hits the Mic Check for 3!

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Backstage, T-Grish is with Santino. Santino's going to hurt Piper. It's going to hurt worse than a coconut to the head.

Mickie James thanks John Cena. She says she's going out with her brother and his girlfriend after the show and asks Cena to tag along. He jokes around but eventually agrees. He says if you go out with him, it can get pretty wild. Mickie says she can do wild. She's in action next.

Melina and Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James and Maria

Maria and Melina lock up and Maria hits a gutbuster early. Mickie in and they work a double splits/leg sweep. Mickie gets a 2 that Beth breaks up. Mickie sends Melina into Phoenix but Melina gets a jack-knife roll-up for 2. Melina wants a tag, but Beth is upset and leaves. Mickie hits a neckbreaker on Melina for 3.

Winners: Maria and Mickie James

72% of fans think Shawn Michaels has been telling the truth about his knee injury.

Chris Jericho is here. He shows us footage of Michaels injuring his knee at Backlash against Batista. Jericho says he didn't buy it because he saw the look in Shawn's eyes at Backlash and has been telling everyone who will listen that Shawn's a fake. But last week, something happened that changed his mind. We see footage of last week's tag match. This time, he saw the pain on Shawn's face when he kicked John Morrison. He was wrong. He wants to tell Shawn he's sorry. Jericho would understand if Shawn wanted to call off their match at Judgment Day and says he should because Jericho doesn't want to face Shawn with a bad wheel. Shawn Michaels is out now, limping. Jericho won't let Michaels get a word in, so Shawn says he's not the one who needs to apologize. Shawn says for the first time in his career, he feigned an injury. He's not hurt. Jericho's not buying it. He thinks he's playing mind games. Shawn told everybody he would do whatever it takes to win, and Jericho was right; he's not hurt. Jericho says he's starting to insult his intelligence. Jericho knows that he's hurt and it doesn't matter what Shawn says, or what he does… SWEET CHIN MUSIC! "Trust me when I tell you; I'm not hurt."

"Take It All" by Zididada is the official Judgment Day theme song.

Jeff Hardy gets the biggest pop of the night so far! He's back. It feels good to be back. He never wanted to be a way, but he made a mistake and he paid for it. Now he's back, he has a lot of things to do. Like… his mic cuts off and William Regal is here. He says no one wants to hear him and he will be punished for his sins by facing this man…

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga

Dropkick through the ropes is followed up by a plancha over the top and down goes Umaga. Thrust to the ribs of Jeff, followed up by Umaga launching him into the barricade. Back in and a hard Irish whip sends Jeff down. Massive uppercut by Umaga now. Umaga goes to the second rope and connects with a headbutt. Umaga beats Jeff down in the corner now and goes for the ASSALANCHE… but misses. WHISPER IN THE WIND~! It gets 3!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Cryme Tyme vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

JTG and Cade start off. JTG slides out to hang with the fans. Back in and Cade knocks JTG down. Murdoch in and it's clubberin' time. Murdoch runs into a boot and in comes Shad. He runs Murdoch over with a shoulder tackle, slams him and hits an elbow. Cade in and knocked out again by Shad. JTG comes over the top with a sunset flip for 2 but runs into a boot. Cade in now and boots JTG in the face. Murdoch back in but runs into a back elbow. Murdoch counters another sunset flip and gets 3!

Winners: Cade and Murdoch

They hug in the ring and Cade has a mic. That's what he's talking about. Maybe Murdoch's singing has something to do with it. Murdoch sings their victory song. Cade nails Murdoch with a right hand! Murdoch is out. Cade leaves.

- We are shown the SmackDown Re-Bound

- Backstage Melina is talking to Jillian, Beth Phoenix approaches, Melina asks why Beth left her? Beth says she left because last week Melina cost her the Women’s Title. Melina says it was an accident, but Beth thinks it was because Melina knows she has a better chance beating James than she does Phoenix. Melina attacks Beth but Beth overpowers her by slamming her into lockers and beating on her on the floor. Officials pull Beth off.

- J.R. and King run down the Judgment Day card.

- Backstage Todd Grisham interviews Randy Orton, Orton talked about himself and says they same stuff he says every week.

(6) Randy Orton vs. John Cena
Orton has new entrance music. A chant war begins, men are chanting “Let’s go Orton!”, women and kids are chanting “Let’s go Cena!”

Orton has new entrance music. A chant war begins, men are chanting “Let’s go Orton!”, women and kids are chanting “Let’s go Cena!”. Cena begins to get the advantage when William Regal decides that the current referee is not fit to officiate this match, he is replaced by JBL! Cena attacks JBL, Cena turns around into an RKO and a fast count from JBL to lose the match. JBL and Orton attack Cena until WWE Champion Triple H makes the save! JBL and Cena brawl into the crowd whilst the steel cage lowers and surrounds Triple H and Orton in the ring. They fight in the cage until Triple H slams Orton into one of the sides, Orton slips through between the cage and the ring to escape Trips. The WWE Champion climbs to the top of the cage and stares down Orton to end the show.
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