Top WWE Star Switching Brands, Ashley Massaro, More

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Top WWE Star Switching Brands, Ashley Massaro, More

Post by Guest on Sun May 11, 2008 2:15 am

During today's WWE shareholders meeting, Vince McMahon was asked if Umaga was in line for a "big push." McMahon replied, "In all likelihood, Umaga will switch brands shortly, and do as well as he possibly can." You can watch a video of the shareholders meeting at

This is a good idea in my opinion. I feel like Umaga is getting stale on Raw, and he's too good of a talent to waste on squash matches and old feuds. Moving him to Smackdown would give him fresh programs to work with guys like Finlay, MVP, Hardy, and eventually Mysterio when he returns. I'd like to see Umaga work some title matches with Undertaker or Edge also. Those could be great matches.

SLAM! Wrestling has a lengthy story on the career of 80s WWE wrestler Hillbilly Jim. You can read the article at

Ted DiBiase's autobiography Ted DiBiase: The Million Dollar Man is available for pre-order on The book will come in paperback and be released on June 10. The site has already marked down the price of the book, as it's going for just over $10 instead of $16.

Phanatic Magazine has an article summarizing Rolling Stone's story on WWE Diva Ashley Massaro being linked to a Los Angeles-based escort service. The article notes that the FBI has e-mail exchanges between Massaro and the escort service on arranging meetings with clients. You can read the article at


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