WWE At GI Film Festival, Steve Austin Update Inside

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WWE At GI Film Festival, Steve Austin Update Inside

Post by sean on Fri May 09, 2008 5:37 am

PR Week in the UK reports that WWE is looking for an ad agency to work with them on building their brand in Italy and the UK next year.

WWE will have a big presence at the GI Film Festival in Washington, D.C. next weekend. The company will be presented with the "Corporate Patriot Award" for their work on behalf of the American Armed Forces. They will also present an event called "WWE Action Fest" at Bolling Air Force Base which will include a screening of "The Marine" and an autograph session with Ken Kennedy.

Hip-hop artist Kid Sister has named her first album "Koko B. Ware" after the WWE wrestler. The album is due out this summer.

The Times of India has an interview up with Steve Austin. In it, Austin talks about his career, acting, and more. When asked about his most challenging opponents, Austin said the following. "I wouldn't say challenging, but there were a few favourites like Ricky the Dragon Steamboat and The Rock. Bret Hart and I shared great chemistry in the ring too." And Austin also put over the Great Khali, since the interview was with an Indian publication. "The Great Khali and I are good buddies. Khali's a very nice guy, we get along very well. While we were shooting for The Longest Yard, we used to work out together. I'll never forget the time when Khali walked into the women's loo in the gym by mistake! The girls were hysterical and Khali was so embarrassed!"

This is your big chance if you've ever wished to become a WWE Superstar. WWE's holding wrestler tryouts -- for people living in Australia and New Zealand. "Bushwacker" Butch Miller and management from Kiwi Pro Wrestling are holding WWE tryouts in Auckland, New Zealand on June 11. Only a few applicants will be selected. WWE has held a few tryouts in New Zealand in the past, but has never signed anyone. Also, WWE held tryouts in the U.K. last year, and with the exception of one wrestler (Hade Vansen), the only wrestlers that landed contracts and are still employed are guys with the overly muscular look that WWE covets; Drew McIntyre, Stu Sanders (who is 6 foot 7) and Sheamus O'Shaunessy (who looks like a bodybuilder).

Credit: 411Wrestling
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