Hayes Makkes KKK jokes and other news & notes

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Hayes Makkes KKK jokes and other news & notes

Post by jason on Fri May 09, 2008 2:27 am

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- It has just come out that SmackDown head writer Michael Hayes was not shy about making Ku Klux Klan-related jokes in company meetings. One source said, "He was not shy about making jokes about white hoods, etc., in agent meetings." Also, if you've ever wondered why there are no minority road agents in WWE, the source added, "Look at the environment. Not one person of color in the agent meetings, only Butch Reed, who lasted two days. Trust me, Hayes was not the only one in that room to make comments like that. His problem is that when he drinks, he loses the ability to edit himself, and he's been known to be belligerent on pretty much every flight he takes. I'm assuming he'll have to go to rehab before he comes back, but for a publicly traded company to have a VP confirmed having used a racial slur is a big PR nightmare."

-- The planned incest portion of the Paul Burchill & Katie Lea on-screen relationship has pretty much been dropped. Also, WWE seems to be going back and forth on whether to refer to Katie Lea as Burchill's sister or not.

-- As advertised in commercials, the new Hardys DVD that was just released talks about the Edge-Matt Hardy-Lita ordeal from 2005. It is being said that a few people very close to this real-life situation were disappointed in how WWE put together the story on the DVD.


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