ECW On Sci-Fi Results - May 06, 2008

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ECW On Sci-Fi Results - May 06, 2008

Post by sean on Wed May 07, 2008 7:06 am


The show started with a video package on some of the moments from the last 99 episodes of ECW TV. They included a traditional "E-C-dub" chant leading to the TV broadcast into video.

Announcers: Tazz welcomed us to the show, then Tony Chimel announced the new voice of ECW, Mike Adamle. Tazz said Adamle left the set last week, and he left in support. Adamle briskly walked to the ring, then Adamle took the mic in the ring to address his walk-off. He said he lost his cool and he needs to apologize. First, he apologized to Tazz. Adamle also apologized to the "great ECW fans". He said he's been a broadcaster probably longer than a lot of people have been alive.

Adamle listed his NFL credentials, talked about hosting the Olympics, and being the host of American Gladiators. Adamle said with all that, he had no idea how difficult this job is. He said he's made mistakes, and he's the first to admit it. Adamle said there are wrestlers who aren't shy about letting him know when he sucks. He said he loves WWE, the ECW, and he wants to bring the best possible product to the ECW fans. He thanked the fans for listening, and the fans booed.

In-ring: Tommy Dreamer walked to the ring with a shopping cart full of weapons for an Extreme Rules match to open the deal. He was sporting an old-school Blue Jays jersey to get the babyface heat. Mike Knox then came out as the opposition. And Stevie Richards is on commentary.

1 -- TOMMY DREAMER vs. MIKE KNOX -- Extreme Rules

The match spilled to the outside early on, and Knox smashed Dreamer with a clothesline on the floor. Knox landed a cookie sheet shot to the back, then he took Dreamer back into the ring and landed a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall. Adamle said Knox is competing in his first Extreme Rules match. I find that difficult to believe. Knox then pulled out weapons, but Dreamer surprised him with a trash can blow with a dropkick. Adamle said Dreamer is trying to send Knox to the penalty box. Groan. Dreamer tossed the shopping cart into the ring, then he landed a basement dropkick sending the cart into Knox's head. Dreamer went under the ring and grabbed a "picnic table", as Adamle called it. He tried to bulldog Knox through the table, but Knox countered with a suplex through the table for a two count. Dreamer tried a comeback, but Knox nailed the turnout facebuster for the win. Adamle called it the Knox-out. Potentially catchy if it didn't come from Adamle.

WINNER: Knox in 7:00. Served its purpose of giving ECW fans a taste of WWE's version of extreme wrestling. Fine. (*)

Adamle Plugs: He plugged Colin Delaney's contract on the line later tonight, then Kelly Kelly, who moves like jelly jelly, in an Extreme Expose segment up next.

ECW flashback: They went to June 13, 2006 for the debut episode when The Zombie debuted and The Sandman caned him repeatedly. Yes, The Zombie!


[Commercial Break]

Kelly Kelly Expose: Kelly Kelly was in the ring for an old school Expose dance number. She was in an all-black Catwoman number and danced for a while until Layla suddenly interrupted and tried to one-up her in the dancing category. Kelly had enough and she slapped Layla hard across the face. A cat fight ensued with Kelly landing some clean blows that she made look pretty good. Refs eventually stormed the ring to separate them.

ECW flashback: They went to September 26, 2006 when Hardcore Holly had his back sliced open taking a suplex through a table from RVD.

[Commercial Break]

ECW flashback: They went to June 26, 2007 where Roddy Piper ruined Matt Striker's birthday with a cake in the face and an appearance by The Boogeyman.

Video package: Adamle narrated clips of Chuck Palumbo beating up C.M. Punk in their match last week. ... Backstage: Lena brought in Palumbo for an interview. Lena said something strange, then Palumbo looked at her weird before turning to the camera. He said if Punk gets in his face again, he'll knock him out.

In-ring: Shelton Benjamin walked to the ring in sharp street clothes. Adamle: civilian clothes. Shelton joined commentary to comment on Kofi's upcoming match. Kofi then came to the ring while Adamle asked Shelton about Kofi beating him the previous two weeks. Shelton said of course he can beat Kofi, and he will beat him eventually. Matt Striker came out as the opponent for Kofi.


Kofi landed the boom-boom leg drop in the opening minute for a nearfall. Suddenly, Striker tried to launch Kofi into the ropes, but Kofi did a torpedo-like rebound into the Buzzsaw kick on Striker. He covered Striker for the win. Afterward, Shelton stormed the ring and attacked Kofi. He laid him out, then left the ring very pleased with himself.

WINNER: Kofi in 1:00. Fine for advancing the Kofi vs. Shelton program. (1/2*)


Backstage: Colin Delaney was shown walking apprehensively in anticipation of a deal with his ECW contract on the line. C.M. Punk then started a slow clap of encouragement, and several random folks from the ECW and Smackdown rosters joined in.

[Commercial Break]

ECW flashback: The week after WrestleMania 23, April 3, 2007, featured ECW Originals vs. New Breed. They repeatedly showed a clip of Burke smashing Sabu into a table with the Elijah Express to win. Ah, the lost opportunity of the Originals vs. New Breed feud.

In-ring: Colin Delaney came to the ring with no entrance music. Armando Estrada then walked out dressed to wrestle, as he's taking on Colin.


Armando is officially ripped. Colin tried to roll up Armando in the opening seconds, but Armando kicked out and clotheslined the crap out of Colin. Armando slapped on a reverse chinlock, which Colin fought out of until Armando yanked him down by the hair. Colin came back with a dropkick, then Armando yanked him to the apron. Armando followed with a hard forearm across the chest, but he got too cocky. Colin then slipped under the ropes and sunset flip pinned Armando for a surprise three count to earn his ECW contract.

Post-match: Colin freaked out and did a victory lap around the ringside area. Tazz tried to grab him for an interview, but Colin was too busy running circles ringside. Tazz finally calmed him down enough to ask what he has to say for himself. Colin said he finally did it after taking all those beatings. He thanked everyone who has supported him, including Tommy Dreamer. He thanked the doubters, because they helped fuel him to come out here every week. Adamle said inspiration and perspiration led to congratulations.

WINNER: Colin in 3:00. Fine. Could have used some more pre-match build-up, but it's just fine. They missed the boat on Colin's underdog push about three months ago, but they can re-start with something tangible with Colin presumably receiving his ECW contract if Armando doesn't pull the rug out from under him next week. (1/2*)

Smackdown Rebound: They focused on Vickie Guerrero stripping The Undertaker of the World Hvt. Title on last week's show.


[Commercial Break]

Announcers: The broadcast position was completely filled with The Miz & John Morrison joining Adamle and Tazz on commentary. Miz clapped it up for Adamle getting their names correct this week. He then gave Tazz his very own chick magnet t-shirt.

In-ring: Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely came to the ring. This week, Neely was dressed to wrestle rather than looking silly in an ill-fitting suit. C.M. Punk came out as the first opponent for Chavo and Bam. ECW champion Kane came out next as his partner.


Good, physical opening to the match with both sides trading control. Punk flipped Chavo to the outside, then he teased a leap to the floor, but Bam stared down Punk. They cut to break with Bam holding Chavo up on his feet to let everyone catch their breath.

[Commercial Break]

They returned with Punk blasting Bam with a series of kicks to the chest. Miz and Morrison continued their assault on Adamle, who kept trying to play along with the ribbing. Chavo worked on Punk leading to the top of the hour.

[Q5 -- over-run]

Miz cut an emphatic promo about their Dirt Sheet program on the website available this weekend. Bam and Chavo kept working on Punk until Chavo smacked Kane to upset him. Kane feigned attacking Chavo, but he returned to his corner to wait for a tag. Punk finally made a comeback with a springboard forearm blow, which prompted Adamle's "Have mercy" line that Miz and Morrison quickly pounded on. Kane then took the hot tag at 12:00 to a big pop, and he cleaned house. Kane smacked Bam off the apron, then he launched Chavo up and over the top rope to the floor.

Chavo then caught Kane in the knee out of nowhere, and Kane quickly tagged out to Punk. Four men on commentary and they all went silent. Punk had the pin on Chavo, but Bam broke it up. Kane then brushed off Chavo setting up Punk with a perfect Go 2 Sleep on Chavo. Adamle did an odd groan, then Punk made the cover on Punk for the pin and the win. Afterward, Morrison and Miz held up their WWE tag title belts for Punk and Kane to get a good look at. Adamle closed by saying if Punk and Kane want the titles, then they need to come get them.

WINNERS: Punk & Kane in 14:00. Fine tag match. Bam looks eighteen times more credible in actual ring gear than wrestling in a Mr. Hughes outfit. I strongly like the idea of putting wrestlers on commentary position, not only to hide Adamle's weaknesses, but to do exactly what I wrote about last week: give them character development. Hopefully this will continue in the weeks to come, as it's a good way to add to the show. (*1/2)
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Re: ECW On Sci-Fi Results - May 06, 2008

Post by Guest on Thu May 08, 2008 4:35 am

ecw sucks so much this was my first time ever watching it and wow


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Re: ECW On Sci-Fi Results - May 06, 2008

Post by St-Pierre on Thu May 08, 2008 1:07 pm

yeah wwecw sucks majorly, but at least punk is MITB and its cool thats Kane is champ!
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Re: ECW On Sci-Fi Results - May 06, 2008

Post by Guest on Fri May 09, 2008 6:16 am

kane sucks as a wrestler and he should lose the title soon


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Re: ECW On Sci-Fi Results - May 06, 2008

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