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This Day in WWE History

Post by Freddy Krueger on Mon May 05, 2008 6:38 pm


by: Graham Cawthon,

1984: A WWF TV taping in St. Louis saw Tony Atlas over Dick Murdoch, Andre the Giant over Big John Studd via count-out, and Roddy Piper over Jimmy Snuka via DQ. The same day at the Philadelphia Spectrum, Sgt. Slaughter pinned David Schultz, IC Champion Tito Santana beat Greg Valentine via DQ, and World Champion Hulk Hogan fought to a double count-out with the Iron Sheik.

1985: The national expansion continues with cards in Cleveland, OH and Denver, CO. In Cleveland, the newly formed Hart Foundation beat George Wells & SD Jones, Ricky Steamboat fought Bob Orton Jr. to a draw, and World Champion Hulk Hogan beat Big John Studd via count-out. Denver saw Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda beat Tag Team Champions the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff via count-out, Ken Patera over Steve Lombardi, the British Bulldogs in singles action, and Tito Santana over IC Champion Greg Valentine via DQ.

1986: A taping of All-Star Wrestling in Brantford, Ontario saw Tag Team Champions the British Bulldogs over the Hart Foundation via DQ.

1987: In Miami, Tag Team Champions the Hart Foundation beat the British Bulldogs in a lumberjack match. The undercard included Brutus Beefcake over Johnny V, Kamala over George Steele via DQ, and the Honkytonk Man over Cpl. Kirchner.

1989: The Ultimate Warrior continued to chase the IC title, beating champion Rick Rude via DQ in Washington DC. The undercard featured Tag Team Champions Demolition vs. the Twin Towers, Bret Hart fighting Mr. Perfect to a draw, and Greg Valentine over the Blue Blazer. In St. Louis, Randy Savage pinned Brutus Beefcake, the Bushwhackers beat the Brain Busters, Jake Roberts pinned Ted Dibiase, and Zeus appeared as a guest of the Brother Love Show.

1990: The WWF returned to Pittsburgh after a 3-year absence with the Hart Foundation fighting Tag Team Champions Demolition to a double DQ, Brutus Beefcake over the Genius, and Earthquake pinning Jim Duggan. In Tampa, Jake Roberts beat Bad News Brown, Sensational Sherri pinned Sapphire, and Roddy Piper beat Randy Savage. Richfield, OH was headlined by World Champion the Ultimate Warrior over Mr. Perfect and Portland, ME saw the Big Bossman pin Ted Dibiase in the main event.

1991: A WCW card in Roanoke, VA saw Scott Steiner over the Angel of Death, Dan Spivey over Tommy Rich, Ron Simmons over the One Man Gang via DQ, and Rick Steiner over World Champion Ric Flair via DQ. The same day in St. Louis, Ted Dibiase beat Roddy Piper, the Big Bossman beat the Mountie, and the Ultimate Warrior beat the Undertaker via DQ.

1993: A Wrestling Challenge taping in Portland, ME featured Doink the Clown over Virgil, the debut of the King's Court, Mr. Hughes beating Kamala in a King of the Ring qualifying match, and Adam Bomb over Virgil. Dark matches saw a try out for the Tazmaniac (Tazz), IC Champion Shawn Michaels over Typhoon, Bret Hart beat Yokozuna via DQ, and the Undertaker beat Giant Gonzalez via DQ.

1995: An ECW card in Ft. Lauderdale, FL featured Axl Rotten over Ian Rotten in a barbed wire baseball bat match, Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko over Norman Smiley & Mikey Whipwreck, Raven over Tommy Dreamer, Cactus Jack over World Champion the Sandman in a non-title barbed wire match, and Tag Team Champions Public Enemy over the Pitbulls.

1997: Raw was held in Green Bay, WI. Highlights saw a feature on the lives of Dustin & Terri Runnels, Vader over Goldust, and Steve Austin over Davey Boy Smith. Dark matches included Austin & the Legion of Doom over Smith, Owen Hart, & Brian Pillman and World Champion the Undertaker over Mankind.

1998: A WCW Saturday Night taping was held in Springfield, IL. Highlights saw US Champion Bill Goldberg beat Van Hammer and Juventud Guerrera beat Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho via DQ in a lumberjack match. The dark match saw the Giant beat Scott Norton via DQ.

2001: Insurrextion was held at London's Earls Court. Highlights included Bradshaw pinning the Big Show after Test interfered, Chris Benoit beating Kurt Angle in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, Chris Jericho over William Regal, and the Undertaker beating World Champion Steve Austin & IC Champion Triple H in a handicap match.

2002: The last show to be run by the "WWF" was held in Worcester, MA. Highlights saw Randy Orton over Hardcore Holly, Kurt Angle over Edge in a No DQ match, and World Champion Hulk Hogan over Chris Jericho. The company was renamed WWE effective the following day.

2003: Raw was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia with Tag Team Champions Rob Van Dam & Kane over Scott Steiner & Test, Jerry Lawler beating Chief Morley to regain Jim Ross' announcing job, and Christian attacking Bill Goldberg with a steel chair before Steve Austin announced a rematch between the two in a steel cage for the following week. The same day in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Cruiserweight Champion Matt Hardy beat Jamie Noble, the Big Show beat Chris Benoit, Tag Team Champions Team Angle beat Eddie & Chavo Guerrero, and World Champion Brock Lesnar beat John Cena.

2006: A show in San Jose, CA saw Umaga over Eugene, IC Champion Rob Van Dam over Shelton Benjamin, and World Champion John Cena over Triple H and Edge, with Ricky Steamboat as the guest referee. After the match, Triple H dropped Cena with the Pedigree and punched Steamboat.

2007: Smackdown & ECW ran two shows at Poughkeepsie, NY's Mid-Hudson Civic Center while Raw ran Greenville, SC's BiLo Center. The afternoon Poughkeepsie show featured CM Punk over Elijah Burke, US Champion Chris Benoit over MVP, and Batista & Kane over Ken Kennedy & Finlay. The evening card included Punk over Marcus Cor Von, RVD over Burke in an extreme rules match, Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino over Brian Kendrick & Paul London, and Batista, Benoit, & Kane over Kennedy, MVP, & Finlay. Greenville featured Kofi Kingston over Shelton Benjamin, the Great Khali over Jim Duggan, Tag Team Champions the Hardyz over Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, and World Champion John Cena over Umaga.
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Re: This Day in WWE History

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wow the last show the wwf had was today


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